Welcome to WildTime NaturePlay, a childcare provision for 5 years+ where the children can be themselves, learn to understand others, play and learn in nature and generally have a WildTime!

The aim of WildTime NaturePlay is to allow children to connect with nature, learn through adventure and play, feel happy, safe and secure and love their time with us.


NaturePlay is a gentle introduction and feeder group to our popular NatureSchool provision for home educated children. We are a relationship led practice acknowledging the biology behind why nurturing is so important in early year settings. 

The NaturePlay staff have been carefully chosen to ensure that we stay true to the ethos of WildTime. We have a fantastic team waiting to meet you with a range of skills, qualifications and personal qualities in teaching, early years, forest school and outdoor learning to compliment our offering. 


  • We believe in protecting nature tomorrow by playing in nature today

  • We believe in learning through adventure and play

  • We believe in kindness and cuddles for ourselves and others